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4-channel fully digital trimmer hearing aids suitable for all degrees of hearing loss, including profound. Flexible and affordable hearing care.


  • Four channel sound processing
  • Programmable matrix (MPO and max amplification): specified when placing the order
  • Broadband adaptive automatic gain control for output signal (AGCo)
  • Double compression (fast and slow)
  • Multi-band adaptive noise reduction
  • Microphone and soft level noises reduction system (Soft Squelch)
  • Adaptive feedback cancellation in antiphase
  • 4 programmable trimmers: (specified when placing the order)
  • Telecoil
  • Microphone – Telephone Switch
  • Up to 4 memories (specified when placing the order)
  • Programmable Tinnitus-masker:
  • Sound indication of battery discharge and program switch
  • Nano-coating

Easy to fit — no additional tools are required.


Features 4 programmable trimmers for precise fine tuning.


Up to 4 listening programs to feel comfortable in different acoustic situations.

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